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Ashkelon's marina and beaches 

Ashkelon can be proud of its approximately 12 Km of beautiful coastline that includes a National Park, several supervised beaches and a marina. Most of the beaches have breakwaters and are ideal for kids, although the beach in the National Park does not have breakwaters. The marina is a focal point for the city.

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The Marina walkway is by the harbor and is a popular place for strolling and dining. It has a multitude of restaurants, a fair number of which are certified kosher, coffee shops, pubs, a cinema, and a covered mall.


Directions: Enter into Waze “Ashkelon Marina.” This will bring you to the northern entrance to the marina and by a paid parking lot. Just a bit north is the large blue and white parking lot for Bar Kochba Beach. On the corner of Yef Nof St. and HaNamal St. is a free parking area.


Between the marina and Delila Beach is Ashkelon Sea Park and one can easily walk from one to other. The name sounds more exciting than the reality. It has a nice kids’ play area, green lawns and skating areas, but no picnic areas.

The marina in Ashkelon

The Ashkelon marina.

Play area in Ashkelon Sea Park

Children's play area in the Ashkelon Sea Park.

Delilah Beach is south of the marina, has 3 breakwaters and is ideal for children and adult swimming. There is a parking lot above the beach with blue and white Pango parking which is free to Ashkelon residents, senior citizens and the disabled. The beach area is large. Between the breakwaters and the beach the water is fairly shallow, but it is much deeper in the areas between the breakwaters themselves and there are mini-waves.


There are lifeguard stations possibly all year. In July and August, lifeguards are present from 7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. There is a building with WCs and showers that has an area for changing. There are structures on the beach that provide shade, outdoor showers and the lifeguard building shows the time. Chairs and umbrellas can be rented. Directions: Enter “Delila Beach” into Waze and click on “Delia Beach, Ashkelon, Israel.”

Bar Kochba Beach is just north of the marina. There is a parking lot with blue and white parking that is free to Ashkelon residents, senior citizens and the disabled. There are restrooms and structures on the beach providing shade. It has breakwaters.

The Ashkelon Promenade is located on the cliff beginning above Bar Kochba Beach. There and back takes about 30 minutes and is a distance of 1½ Km. There are green lawns and plenty of benches. There are restrooms by the path.

Ashkelon promenade

The Ashkelon Promenade.

While you are in Ashkelon, do not forget to visit Ashkelon's impressive National Park. See our webpage "Ashkelon National Park." 

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